is a project started by Duarte Vinagre in the endings of 2012. Duarte Vinagre was born in 1983 at a city called Évora deep in the south interior of Portugal. He is a musician with several years of pratice.

Because of not being on a confortable place of music market, and after years working with Propellerheads Reason, Duarte is now working with VSTi and VSTi supporting daws, plus producing this project towards every musician insterested on these products. 

 Duarte Vinagre is very interested on how to create plugins. He now can understand how electronic music is processed regarding the electronic signal and not only the concept that comes out of the speakers. He also can adapt his own plugins regarding his tastes and his abilities.

 The idea of this project goes through create a base of plugins, Samplers and SF2 Synths, combinned, organized and capable of perform your tracks from the very beginning of them into their final Mastering endings. The work is on progress, and the idea is not to take your money. The money is always welcome, its a truth, but this money is also to help this project to live and to help others that helped us, giving their time and knowledge developing all free modules and graphic´s software construction. You might help Duarte Vinagre to develope his mind and now known knowledges into someting much higher, providing yourself, if possible, brand new plugins for free or with an affordable price, that are capable to satisfy you in every aspect you need.


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