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Mix tracks with BitMeex. 

BitMeex simulates 2 decks for your Mixing / Djing performances!

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DOWNLOAD and Enjoy!

Download BitMeex for Windows 32-bits!
BitMeex it´s a Djing/Mixing VSTi Software that runs inside a DAW or VSTi Host!

The advantages of running inside the DAW are a few. The user can record the mixing that is being performed directly inside the DAW, use an "unlimited" number of decks and create personalized FX chains!

BitMeex simulates 2 decks with basic features enough to mix your songs! This software only runs .wav and .aif files and is designed for beginners. It outputs the Master through channels 1/2 and the PFL through channels 3/ a 2.1 Audio Card is needed!

The MIDI can be mapped by "right-clicking" a control of BitMeex and turn the MIDI control of the controller!
This VSTi is also designed to work with basic MIDI controllers such as a Korg nanoKontrol, even because expensive MIDI controllers do not work 100% with BitMeex!

For now, BitMeex is only distributed as 32-bits version for Windows, but a 64-bits version is being thought!

BUGS:  no bug found until the moment! If you find a bug please report it to!

BitMeex is free and works on Windows 32-bit, Windows 7 Windows 8 and Windows 10.  

ATTENTION: you might need to install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable"
Last update: Apr 10, 2018
Windows 32-bits
Download BitMeex for Windows 32-bits!
BitMeex - output configuration in Reaper
BitMeex - quick mix demo
BitMeex - Update v1.02