BumBer XT it´s the evolution of BumBer v1.3.

BumBer XT brings all BumBer´s functionalities plus a bit more. With this software you are going to make all the bassdrums you like. This powerful machine can create monster beats from five diferent waveform signals or modify any 16-bit and 24-bit .wav bassdrum samples into a big and phat beat.

As it was said, BumBer XT brings five diferent waveform built-in signals, each signal has a diferent pitch range control that can be writeable to its decimal value.
There is also the chance to insert a pre-made bassdrum .wav sample of 16 or 24-bits for post modification on BumBer XT. This function also counts with a independent pitch control.

The ADSR control is full open for samples, although the built-in signals only have the possibility to use the decay option of the Amp Envelope. There are two effects that you may combine with the five built-in signals: Tamborin and Snare based. These effects have an idenpendent pitch control and are connected to the Amp Envelope decay. This means when you open and close the decay these effects also open and close along.

To create the perfect body for your bassdrum there are four extreme tools: the 4-Band EQ that is connected to a multiband compressor, the Band-Filter and the Distortion machine.

The 4-band EQ it´s a parametric based EQ that allows you to turn Sub, Low, Mid and High bands, with possibility to center the frequencies according to a range provided for each band, and of course open and close bandwidth on these bands. This EQ can be connected and linked to a multiband compressor, wich is in fact, four diferent compressors that are connected to the frequency ranges in the main EQ. This means that each compression is directly linked to the Equalizer settings. You will not compressing the bassdrum only, but also compressing the primary Equalization of the 4-Band EQ through the frequencies given on it. This may create bassdrum bodies very compact and phat, without loss of sub and low frequencies.

BumBer XT Screenshots

Despite there is a basic filter with LP/HP/BP/Notch, it was introduced a special bandpass filter that works with EQ filters. This Band-Filter is divided by two stations, with the possibility to choose three diferent EQ filter types in each, control the frequency in each, and also control the gain for each of these EQ filters. Basicaly it´s a bandpass equalizer where you may increase/decrase the punch and snap of the bassdrum body.

Is provided a Distortion machine with three diferent distortion types, that may create the industrial punch on your beat.


BumBer XT also has a main Compressor that will compress all factors switched on in the plugin. It´s useful for a final spaced, punched and compact mastering of your bassdrum.


Basicaly this beast is a full beat rocking software moded with SynthEdit that can scroll through a lot of files, load your bassdrum and then create the Big Boom or create the Super Big Boom from with inself.


BumBer XT Loads/Saves .fxb banks, brings 165 (50 in Demo version) .wav bassdrum samples in the Sample Bank directory wich you may find in the installation folder. 


BumBer XT runs on Windows Xp/Vista/Win7 32-bits and Win7 64-bits bridged.


BumBer XT is Free!




Some filter configurations may create silent notes. If this happens to you, just turn a bit of the filter´s cutoff or resonance and it will be back to normal. I have been trying to solve this bug far long.

Please report any bugs to info@beatassist.eu


 Download BumBer XT for Windows 32-bit

Last update - Mar 01, 2014