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There is a Stepper effect in this VSTi that has 6 different target options for multiple effects considering the oscillators features. Reverse and Foward option is also available for the Stepper.
Esfera is an ambiance and special effects synthesizer!
The synth is divided by 3 oscillators:  
- Bass.  
- Athmosphere 1.  
- Athmosphere 2.  
Each oscillator counts with modulation, amp envelope, modulation envelope, 2 filters, 1 using "Q" factor. Athmosphere 1 and 2 oscillators are also gifted of pitch envelope and filter envelope regarding cutoff/Resonance and both.. The 3 oscillators have a Sync LFO with 2 targets at choice, speed up from 8 bars to 1/16b, 4 waveforms and release sync option that relies on Note/Transport Run/BarStart and Off or Random!  
This synth also has a Chorus effect and a Stereo Delay effect that can be connected to Athmosphere 1 and 2. The Reverb effect that is provided, opens for both Athmosphere 1 and 2 at once. (Bass oscillator does not has these options).  
Esfera is free and works on Windows 32-bit, XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Windows 10.  

Windows 32-bits
Download Esfera for Windows 32-bits!
THANKS TO T. E. King for the amazing presets!
Esfera - sounds preview!
Esfera - sounds preview!