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GanGsta it´s a Groove Box/Drum Sampler with five elaborated .wav slots. 

Despite of only having five .wav sounds per patch, this instrument has a wide range of drum effects configuration. Each of these slots are gifted of three pitch modes:

  • Fine (+3/-3 octs), where you may tune freely
  • Octave Snap (+3/-3 octs), where you may snap each octave
  • Semi snap (11 note range), where you may tune the semitones

The drum sample will play the tunning considering the pitch mode that is selected active on the slot and will work the pitch automation regarding this property.

For example:

If you set 1.5 octave fine, one octave on the snapping octave mode and 3 semitones in the semi snap mode, and then automate the snapping octave. What happens?

1 - if you select active the Fine Pitch Mode, no automation is heard and the sample plays regarding this parameter.

2 - if you select active the Octave Pitch Mode, the sample will play regarding Fine Pitch Mode value plus the Octave Pitch Mode value and the automation is performed.

3 - if you select active the Semi Pitch Mode, the sample will play regarding all three Pitch Modes and the automation on the middle mode (Octave Pitch Mode) will be performed.


This is useful for percurssive liftings and octave melodies on House music or Electro House.


Every slot has a Foward/Reverse option, a Loop option that will repeat the sample over the note size in the piano roll of your DAW, Stereo Widenning option that will spread the sample into a big wide range, ADSR Amp Envelope control and Filter (LP/BP/HP/Notch) with Mix control.


It was introduced a Tempo Sync LFO that can be connected to Pan, Filter or both, with a range of 4 Bars to 1/4 including dotted and triplets. This Sync LFO is also gifted of three waveforms (Sine/Triangle/Ramp) and Release Sync option that syncs the way waveforms are used:

  • OFF (starts where ended);
  • FullNote (triggers waveform per note);
  • Bar Start (triggers waveform each bar);
  • Transport Run (triggers waveform considering the transport run of your DAW);

This effect is great to create fade in/out, panning and quick transitions in your percussion.


All samples may have connected an independent Stereo Delay effect with both Right and Left gains, free or sync delay from 4 bars to 1/16 including dotted and triplets, and an independent Reverb with Size, Width and Presence control.


The five slots can be globaly connected to four diferent effects:

  • Flanger;
  • Chorus
  • Distortion;
  • Compressor;


These are Global effects, meanning that the values on these effects are just one for every slot, except the compressor wich is used as final effect.
What happens here is that you may connect individualy each slot to one, two or to all of these effects. The user can make, for example, a tamborin sound with Chorus, a snare with Flanger and Chorus, a tom with distortion and the other two slots free of effects. 
Despite of this effects being global, and each value is the same value to every slot connected to them, the possibilities of performing great percussive efexed loops are high.


The Pad Cells can be MIDI controlled if you wish to trigger shot sounds through a pad launcher, mute control may be automated making your production much easier then being always writing and rewriting same patterns when necessary, and patch change also may be MIDI controlled and automated* (see bugs section for this).


GanGsta brings 374 .wav samples in the SoundBank that might be found in the installation folder, can Load/Save .fxb Banks and has a range of 64 patch presets.


GanGsta runs on Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 32-bits and 64-bits when bridged.


GanGsta is Free!


GanGsta Screenshot


There are no bugs found, although automating the patch change will create multiple envelope tracks that might have to be arranged to work properly. If you perform this automation, you may also have to rewind the patch into the first one at the start of the project.

Please report any bugs to



Download GanGsta for Windows 32-bit

Last update - Mar 31, 2015