Virtual Synthesizer for Windows
designed for
GOA leads!
Free product by beatassist.eu
VST2/VST3  32/64-bits  FOR WINDOWS !
Drag is a virtual synth for Windows provided for free by beatassist.eu!

This VSTi is completely designed for GOA/PSY leads!
The Synth has:

- 4 Oscillators
- Gator
- 4 Delays
- 4 LFOs
- Master Chorus
- Master Reverb
- Master Octave Stepper

This is a free product by beatassist.eu!

Enjoy and take the best you can of this amazing VST designed for those acid and metallic GOA/Psytrance Leads!
Drag is now distributed as 32/64-bits VST2/VST3 versions for Windows!

Drag works on Windows 32/64-bits, Windows 7 / Windows 8 and Windows 10.  

BUGS: If you find a bug please report it to info@beatassist.eu!
ATTENTION: you might need to install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017 Redistributable"
Download Drag For Windows 32/64-bits!
Last update: Oct 24 2020
Drag - Synth Preview
Drag - Presets Preview