13 effects bundle for macOS.

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MacPack is a bundle of 13 effects exclusive for macOS!

- AChorus (chorus)
- AFlanger (flanger)
- APhaser (phaser)
- MULTIPression (3 mode compressor - normal/MS/x-over plus sidechain)
- Verbus (modern reverb)
- EQ-XT (6-band EQ)
- Konect (vocal processor)
- BeatBrick (brickwall limiter)
- Mage (stereo tool)
- LIP (band-pass filter with LFO)
- TheLay (combo delay)
- CrushiT (distortion plugin)
- Expressor (multiband/4-band compressor)

FREE PRODUCT by (macOS exclusive)

MacPack is now distributed as 64-bits AU versions for macOS!

MacPack works in Mac OSX 10.8 "Mountain Lion" or better!  

BUGS: If you find a bug please report it to!
Download MacPack for macOS 64-bits!
AChorus - 2/4-voices chorus
AFlanger - basic flanger
APhaser - 2/4/8-stages phaser
LIP - bandpass filter
CrushiT - distortion machine
EQ-XT - modern equalizer
Expressor - multi-band compressor
MULTIPression - 3 mode compressor
Mage - stereo tool
TheLay - multi-delay
BeatBrick - brickwall limiter
Verbus - 3 mode reverb
Konect - vocal processor